the craft in ROME
sept 11—oct 13, 2017
at Zem Yoga Studio Roma


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our program

Welcome to a unique training experience with an ancient practice, in the heart of an ancient city: Rome, Italy.

The craft is a heartfelt experience that prepares you to lead intelligent, creative, musical and meaningful vinyasa flow. Partnered with deep and intentional self-reflection and renewal, we dive into the applied art and science of yoga with curiosity and skill.

The Craft empowers you to approach teaching yoga with the mind and heart of your inner artist.

We balance technique with intuition, we contrast skill with innovation, and we discover fluid artistic expression within the grounded structure of asana, anatomy and history. 

You can achieve your yoga certification if you desire, or you can enjoy Rome as a yoga retreat with an education focus. You have several options to make your experience in Rome as educational, or as playful, as you like.

Awaken - sept 11-18

As we awaken from our unconscious slumber, we eradicate self-limiting identities and shed preconceived ideas of who we are or how things should be. We create conscious space for what is, or the present.

awaken curriculum

daily yoga practice

the origins of yoga

intro to yoga philosophy

embodied presence

the art of articulation

sequencing methodology

creative vinyasa flow foundations

practice teaching

mantra, pranayama & meditation

Flow - sept 19-26

When we bring awareness to the intricacies of our cells, tissues, organs and systems, we decode the innate intelligence that resides within. Enlivening every cell, we build a profound connection to our infinite source of knowledge—our bodies.

flow curriculum

daily yoga practice

functional anatomy: legs & hips

introduction & integration of chakra wisdom 

dance meditation

flow warrior foundations

creative flow sequencing techniques

musicality & playlists 

practice teaching

mantra, pranayama & meditation

Expand - sept 27—oct 5

We explore the boundaries we create, why we create them, and how to find liberation within these boundaries. We dive into the boundless world, as well, tasting our own formlessness, to witness ourselves from a meta perspective with unlimited possibility.

expand curriculum

daily yoga practice

integration of the shiva sutras

functional anatomy: arms & shoulders

the art of authentic teaching

intelligent sequencing for peak postures

experiential philosophy

stepping into your teacher: voice & presence

mantra, pranayama & meditation

Integrate - oct 6-13

When you release into dharma, you sustain the cosmic order and tap into the intuitive flow of your life. It is the point at which all experiences, obstacles both past, present, as well as the unseen future, integrate into a seamless whole. It is an awakened sense of self. It is an enlivened body. It is exploratory. It is revelatory.

integrate curriculum

daily yoga practice

mantra & chanting

presence + hands-on assists

rituals & potions: ayruveda

mythology and the art of story-telling

the business of yoga

practice teaching

mantra, pranayama & meditation


option #1:
stay in Rome Sept 11-Oct 13, for all four modules, and achieve your 200 hour ryt certification!

for all 4 modules: $2,895 USD (€ 2,732)
deposit: $750 USD (€ 708)

option #2:
stay in Rome for two modules (14 days) and achieve a 100 hour ryt certification

for any 2 modules: $2,295 USD (€ 2,165)
deposit: $650 USD (€ 615)

option #3:
stay in Rome for one week (7 days) earning 55 hours of yoga alliance continuing education credit

for 1 module: $1,295 USD (€ 1,222) 
deposit: $500 USD (€ 472)

the fine print

European pricing may fluctuate based on the most current exchange rate.

All deposits are non-refundable. All other payments are non-refundable after July 15, 2017. Full balance due Sept 1, 2017.

Pricing includes The Craft of Teaching Yoga training manual, all training hours and content (55 per module), your certificate & graduation ceremony, and unlimited yoga at Zem Yoga Roma. 

Pricing does not include transport to/from the airport, your flight, lodging or meals.  

We will provide resources after you book your training for the best places to stay, transport, delicious local restaurants, and local market places.

All lessons are held at zem yoga studio. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) will be off from lecture hours, however, you may have homework and group projects to complete in your off time.

You must be present for all days in your module to achieve your certificate or continuing education credit.

ready for Rome? apply here

Yoga teacher training is a transformative and powerful experience.

If you have hesitations or questions, just reach out to me, Adrienne—send me an email by clicking here. I would love to meet for coffee or tea and talk about this program together, live.

If you are ready for Rome, please apply below! I will respond to your application in 2-3 business days.