highly experienced mentorship for blossoming professionals

My first paid yoga gig was teaching two middle-aged students in the park... they never came back.

I’ll be frank: it’s bold, scary and courageous to pour your heart into teaching yoga or opening a studio. 

I began just like you, and after years of hard work, I enjoy full classes and meaningful relationships with my students. I lead sold out retreats and workshops every season. I own two studios, lead online classes, and instructors I admire are eager to partner with me—it’s my dream job. 

Yet, my yoga career didn’t take off by accident or by luck. My success thus far was (and is!) intentional, strategic and practical. 


I can guide you to find your ground, manifest your vision and express yourself in your career. I’ll inspire you to cultivate your passion and refine your craft. It is possible to make it in the yoga industry, and I will help you!

find your ground.

refining what you want, and more importantly, why?
setting a realistic timeline and budget
the balance of yoga teaching, working and practice 

manifest your vision.

finding the right studio
having a successful audition
writing a bio & your yoga “resume”
building experience, exposure & pay
offering private yoga lessons
licenses, insurance & invoices

express yourself.

developing your brand
headshots & photos
website design & buildout
social media strategies
vetting online exposure opportunities

cultivate your passion.

how to know you’re ready to lead!
seasonality and rates
aligning with your brand and long term visions
vetting opportunities at studios

refine your skill & talent.

direct mentorship on language, voice & presence
creating an intelligent sequence for peak postures
sequencing for flow yoga (if that’s your interest!)
refining hands-on assisting and adjustments
teaching with musicality and playlists


“Pick your brain” advice: $50 for 45 minutes

Mentorship: $95-$115 per hour

Email advice: $25 per 2 paragraph response

If you are a full-time instructor, new studio owner, or you’re financially compromised for whatever reason, let’s talk. I offer a special coaching rate for awesome, admirable people like you: $75 per hour