the craft of teaching yoga mentorship program
june 14—dec 9, 2018, 2018

Thank you for your interest in being an mentor for The Craft of Teaching Yoga.

This is an unpaid, volunteer position to support the mission of The Craft. Your role as a mentor will be vital to the success of our program. 

Here is what you need to qualify for a mentor role:

  • currently teaching at least 1-3 yoga classes in the Seattle area
  • technologically savvy (must be proficient in google docs)
  • adaptable to last minute change
  • great with people, compassionate, easy going, social
  • eager to personally assist and learn from Adrienne
  • thoughtful, initiates action when needed
  • great at time management, not overly busy 
  • loves Adrienne’s yoga teaching style

Here’s what you’re getting yourself into:

  • presence: must be present for 90% of all lectures
  • mentorship and inspiration for trainees
  • PR pushes & marketing through social media outlets 
  • poster hanging in the community
  • lead and co-lead some opening and closing ceremonies during training
  • tracks hours and absences of attendees
  • grades all homework, observations, and final practicum
  • audio recording or note taking during training sessions

All meetings held at Bohemian Studios in Phinney Ridge. Here is our schedule for 2018:

thursdays: 7:30pm-10:30pm @bohemian in west seattle
saturdays & sundays: 1:00pm-8:00pm @bohemian in phinney ridge.

Dates of Training Sessions are listed here!

Your hours outside of training will not exceed more than 5 hours a week, but you should have at least 5 hours in addition to lecture hours/times at your disposal in your schedule

This program isn’t great for people who are already really busy or not good at being busy, hehe. Your duties will start as early as April for marketing and outreach!

But what’s in it for you?!

Oh, friends, as a mentor for this program, you’ll gain so much! 

  • learn techniques for yoga sequencing, authentic theming, musicality, anatomy and the business of yoga.
  • you will refine your skills leading a group, as well as leading a class.
  • gain valuable experience to emerge as a leader with authentic yoga ambitions.
  • the Craft of Teaching Yoga carries a reputation of high quality, and it is recognized throughout the city at many studios
  • Adrienne will mentor you. She will attend at least two of your classes to give you feedback and help you grow (if you desire), and she will have a special one-on-one coffee date after the program to give you insights and free consult for your growth.
  • unlimited yoga at Bohemian Studios with all of our fantastic instructors!

More than anything, though, you will emerge from this program proud.

You’ll be proud of the people you’ve influenced, you’ll be proud of your new, refined artistry and skill, and you’ll be proud to be forever in our magical kula. Finally, you'll get another 200 RYT certification, and a direct endorsement from Adrienne, which certainly doesn’t hurt ;) 

So, are you IN? If so, here’s the application: