Experience the Embodied Flow™ Immersion with Tara Judelle - May 2018

Experiencing learning from Tara Judelle is a wonderful anomaly—a unique exploration in embodied movement. 

Since 2011, Tara has been traveling worldwide, teaching from her 27+ years of movement study. To have her at Bohemian is a treat, and a rare chance to study with this exemplary teacher. 

  photo from Tara Judelle

photo from Tara Judelle

Embodied Flow™ Immersion: The Five Principles is a five-day course delving into movement and expression.  Drawing from the discoveries of hatha, tantric and somatic movement systems, this Immersion bestows the experience of yoga as a living art form.

Equal parts philosophy and method, students will learn the living art of yoga™, a technology and pathway toward a deep sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form. Tara's teaching about about empowering all students to be their own greatest teacher, to explore awareness of their body-minds and into an entire, unified field enveloping the,. It's an experience of deep inner work and expansive awareness.

These five days are crafted for students interested in advancing their yoga study or furthering their knowledge of mind-body-spirit connections.

Throughout this introduction to Embodied Flow™, participants can expect forms of meditation, contemplation, free movement, asana, partner work, experiential anatomy (initiating asana flows from different body systems: skeletal, organ, endocrine, muscular, developmental, nervous system), tantric philosophy, somatic psychology, and pranayama.

Daily Asana practices with Tara will include classes around Gravity and Space, Yielding, the Axis, the Heart and Lungs, and the Central Channel. Then, afternoon labs will dive into topics including cellular breathing, the skin and skeletal system, human limbs, endocrine systems and organs.

We do expect this training to fill and spots are limited. To learn more, please find the event on Facebook, Bohemian's website or email info@bohemian-studios.com.

The Details: 

May 5-9, 2018

12pm-7pm (break from 3-4pm)

Bohemian Studios - Phinney 

Immersion Investment: 
5-Day Immersion: $795
Weekend Only: $395


About Tara Judelle:

  photo from Tara Judelle

photo from Tara Judelle

"For over 27 years Tara has experimented with all forms of movement flow, from dance to Tai Chi, to movement improvisation and ultimately yoga. An English degree from Barnard College, post-graduate studies in theatre directing and a foray into film writing and directing brought her finally to the study of yoga and meditation. Certified in the Anusara™ method, Tara has taught yoga extensively, both nationally and internationally, for 15 years. She has been inspired by the Body Mind Centering® works of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and has studied and taught with Carlos Pomeda and Sally Kempton.

In 2010 Tara moved from her home base in Los Angeles to direct a yoga program and retreat center in Bali, Indonesia. Since the close of 2011, she has had no fixed base, leading to her current schedule facilitating workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide."