Your bubble.

Consider this lens:

Your reality is a reflection of you.

You’re swimming in a bubble that you create with every thought you have.

I grew up in Muncie, Indiana, and I was blessed with a momma who let us be wild. She let us explore with our imaginations, and we would spend the entire day outside, just running a muck.

I would make mud pies and climb trees and dig up animal bones and bike around with no shoes. When it snowed, we would get bundled up and pretend we were arctic explorers... such a blast!

We didn't have much money, but we could care less. It was the happiest we ever were as a family.

I want to see the world like I saw Muncie as a kid. There are endless possibilities, if you believe in the mystery, you know?

Sometimes our fear of scarcity blocks us from treating life like the playground it is. But really, as self-actualized adults, our lives are truly our playground.

So, what is *your* reality like?