No one is you, and that is your superpower.

It is said that when the Buddha was seeking a skilled physician, he sent the best doctors into the forest with the task of finding as many items as they could that had no medicinal value.

After many came back with a few items that could not be used as medicine, Jivaka came back empty-handed, and said, “I am afraid I have failed you, I have spent much time in the company of all of the plants in the forest but their is none that I can find with no value to someone.”

And, upon hearing this, the Buddha appointed Jivaka as his physician - -

... What if we looked at other human beings, and the animals, and ourselves, in the same way that Jivaka looks at plants? Everything is medicine. While some medicines are sweet and feel soothing, others sting and burn and teach us to be strong, to protect ourselves.

What medicine are you sharing with your world?