Intuition swims in our unconscious mind.

> intuition <

swims in our unconscious mind.

It is not something you can will into existence. You cannot access it with your thinking-mind...

It can only be unlocked through sensation, feeling and surrender.

When we favor logic over intuition, we discount our inner knowing.

Like the baby turtles that know to walk towards the light of the moon when they hatch, like the baby wildebeest that can sprint within hours of being born, like the baby human turning towards its mother’s breast, we were born with intuition to not only survive, but to thrive.

Once upon a time there were no professionals that told us what success looks like, what food we should eat, or how we should live... we just *knew,* intuitively. We survived without science and tests that “proved” what was healthy or not.

When the noise of the thinking-mind is quieted, there is a infinite well of health-giving secrets within us... How will you drop in?