Swallowed in jungle,
surrounded by sea,
bursting with life,
grounded in ceremony...

there is no place on earth like Ubud, Bali.

Known as the “Island of the Gods,” Bali is one of the world’s most powerful hubs of healing, art and rejuvenation. In concert with endless rituals, a swarm of scooters, and meals served in banana leaves, there is a palpable presence of spiritual awakening at every turn.

Here, you are bound to unfold, unwind, nourish, explore and expand.

Sunday, June 3

arrive at naya ubud by 2:00pm
Jalan Raya Sayan Gang Puskesmas Ubud II
Banjar Kutuh; Ubud, Bali 80571
Tel: 0361 975 755

  • 2:00pm settle into your room
    • Carly — prem
    • Sarah & Charlie — shanti
    • Gina & Andrea — amrita
    • Adrienne & Eric — shakti
  • 3:00pm welcome ceremony in Naya studio
  • 5:00pm depart for surprise excursion

note: all guests receive one free massage at Naya, and optional 30 min photoshoots with Eric are available for $200; schedule your shoot asap.



Monday, June 4
learn about balinese culture

  • 6:00am coffee & fruit
  • 7:30am - 10:30am yoga
  • 10:30am brunch at Naya
  • 1:00pm-3:00pm Balinese home tour & offerings
  • 4:00pm Shopping in Ubud
  • 8:00pm dinner at Naya

Tuesday, June 5
revive and restore

  • 6:00am coffee & fruit
  • 7:30am - 10:30am yoga
  • 10:30am brunch at Naya
  • 7:00pm depart for Yoga Barn
  • 8:00pm Gong Bath at the Yoga Barn*
  • 9:30pm dinner in Ubud*

*optional: not included in retreat cost

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Wednesday, June 6
journey into abundant nature

  • 6:00am coffee & fruit
  • 7:30am - 10:30am yoga
  • 11:00am brunch at Alchemy*
  • 1:00pm depart for Sekumpul Waterfall
  • 7:00pm dinner at Naya

*optional: not included in retreat cost

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Thursday, June 7
explore ancient traditions

  • 6:00am coffee & fruit
  • 7:30am - 10:30am yoga
  • 10:30am brunch at Naya
  • 6:00pm dinner at Naya
  • 7:00pm agni hotra ceremony

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Friday, June 8
savor the last moments

  • 6:00am coffee & fruit
  • 7:30am - 10:30am yoga
  • 10:30am brunch at Naya
  • airport shuttle as needed

/// Logistics \\\


before you leave the U.S.

  • get preventative shots 
  • research how to not get Bali Belly
  • take vitamin B supplements
  • learn the language: hello, thank you, goodbye.
  • make a copy of your passport & insurance
  • obtain international driver's license 
  • call bank to let them know you'll be traveling
  • add international plan to your cell phone
  • download this app:
  • purchase Rp (Indonesian Rupiah) at bank or airport ($50-$100/day is more than enough)
  • organize transport & lodging if arriving before June 1

while in Bali

  • arrive at Naya on June 3 by 2pm
  • consider renting a scooter + helmet 
  • keep most $$ + passport & any valuables in hotel safe - keep copies on your person
  • go with the flow; all excursions and organized events are optional

/// Packing List \\\

  • passport - bali travel visa is available once you get off the plane
  • light, breathable clothes
  • bug spray - the good stuff with DEET
  • swim suit
  • sandals
  • hiking shoes
  • sun hat & glasses
  • hygiene products
  • breezy yoga clothes 
  • poncho
  • advil / medications (Bali won't have American brands)
  • simple first aid kit — bandaids, Neosporin, rubbing alcohol swabs
  • sarang / shaw for temples & ceremonies
  • money for snacks, souvenirs, meals eaten not at Naya, personal excursions
  • tampons (won't be able to find these in Bali)
  • download a couple of movies for your mobile device for the plane.
  • keep Rp $500,000 for hospitality tips for Naya ($35 USD)
  • don’t bring: sweaters, valuable jewelry, expensive electronics, rainboots are kinda useless too


  • BUGS:
    • mosquitos are attracted to black colors; light & white colors are best 
    • mosquitos are worse at sunrise (6:30am) & sunset (6:00pm), try to be indoors during this time, or have a sarang and/or long pants to cover exposed skin
    • rubbing alcohol swabs take the itch and swelling out of mosquito bites if applied immediately
    • keep your room closed up w/ air conditioning on to prevent bugs
    • for temples & ceremonies please cover shoulders & thighs-to-knees. always take off shoes before entering homes. many temples expect a sarang around the waist for both men & women 
    • less is more; laundry service is cheap and readily available
    • on the first day, we will stop in a nature-based product store where you can buy soap, shampoo, vitamins, etc if you like.
    • any clothes / sandals you may need will be readily available and very affordable
    • put Ubud Care in your contacts, it’s the best emergency medical clinic in Ubud, and they offer pick up services if needed: Jalan Sukma No.37, Br. Tebasaya, Peliatan, Ubud, Peliatan, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571
    • "Bali Belly" is common in travelers. How to avoid it: don't drink the water, eat only peel-able or cooked fruits & vegetables, eat vegetarian
    • drink plenty of coconut water to get the minerals you're missing from bottled water
    • leave space in your pack for awesome bali souvenirs & clothing!
    • bargain shopping is a norm. Learn how to ask for your price!
    • $50-$100/day is typically plenty to have a luxurious time in Bali
    • ensure all valuables are kept in a safe space in your room, even if you "trust" your hosts
    • it's BALI; expect for things to go wrong — traffic, monsoon rains, cold water showers, roaches, power outages! What an adventure :) Expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride.
    • leave travel plans with your friends or family at home, including flight & venue contact

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/// Suggestions \\\

  • Things to See:
    • The Sacred Monkey Forest - Ubud
    • Balinese Street Markets - Ubud
    • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
    • Pura Lempuyang
    • Manduk, Bali
  • Places to Eat:
    • Seniman Coffee Studio
    • Dayu’s Warung
    • Atman Cafe
    • Clear Cafe